4 june 2013

On the Second day of training, a little interaction with H.S. Rai sir in the morning,during that interaction, he assgigned the task to run the C++ programs on localhost i.e. apache server that we had created the past day

I searched for the procedure to do the task of running C++ programs on the apache server. I came to know it can be done by using CGI
(Common Gateway Interface)

Then i installed the g++ compiler in the system,Then i created a simple c++ program which displays Hello World and then compiled using the g++ compiler and then created the output file in the “.cgi” format and moved it to the cgi-bin directory of the server using these commands

$ sudo apt-get install g++<Enter>
$ g++ script.cpp -o script<Enter>
$ g++ script.cpp -o script.cgi<Enter>
$ mv script.cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin<Enter>
After this i checked it at the http://localhost/cgi-bin/script.cgi which displayed the output showing the success.

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