12 June 2013

Now my all the problems about my laptop is solved so i’m happy that now i’m working on my project
Today was the day of presentations. Senior GD members selected in GSoC(Google Summer of Code) Avneet kaur, Harmanpreet Kaur, Gaganjyot Singh shared their experience of the selection in GSoC and also provided some tips for being able to be selected in GSoC and explained their projects that they are undergoing.I feel very lucky to be in the society of such high level developers.Also sir had a interactive session with us.

Then at about 12 pm, A special presentation was held which was given by Prof. Ashish Malik of our college.It was a strong motivating interaction by professor about revealing the hidden potential and powers of the mind and knowing one self.He presented his 12 year research on his secret law of Universe about positive and negative thought attraction by using bucket theory.It was very motivating to listen to his way to solve the problems he faced in his life earlier and realized that anything can be achieved by strong will power and a burning Desire to get that.He exlained the Apple law to explain the other aspect of not getting desired resuts even after working hard, by telling that God has better in store for us and proposed to keep patience.Summarizing all things he ended up with the phrase that Patience is the must thing,and to do what you want, without making any harm to the society and others.

After that a little discussion is with my menter harman about my project.


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