24 June 2013

For today I planned two things Firstly that find the reason that why my sphere.sh script shows error and secondly read all the selection procedures and minimum requirements for that eligibility.
But when I reached the TCC my friend required my laptop for the presentation. But due to the absence of H.S Rai Sir Presentaion is postponed After some time a little discussion with my menter on mailing list and trying to find the solution of error.

After a 1 hour Struggle i was find the solution that when we run the script then a rtfile is not created but script is trying to open it. After a lunch then i carefully read the all eligibility criteria like (physical fitness , education , age etc ) of AFCAT and UGC .
Then after complete that work now my next task is to complete the script and show the result to my menter harmanpreet
at 4 pm my task of completing the script is complete after shown it Harmanpreet sir tell me that what is the scope of BRL-CAD software in Indian army.
At the end of the day i’m so happy 🙂


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