1 July 2013

Today when I reached tcc then my menter assign me task to create a patch on a error which you faced in using comb error.
For that task i read the mails of BRL-CAD mailing list which explain me how to create a patch and which file is placed where
then harmanpreet  explained me how o create a patch then after 2 hours work one patch is created which is stored in a changes.patch file
after that my menter told me that use other commands and try to know the error reasons and messages and then edit that messages and make more patches. So after long time work i found the 2 more errors and make them correct and created a patch.

Basically with the use of my patches command window of BRL-CAD software shows a user friendly error messages.

After a lunch at 3 pm there is a presentation on Django. It was a very nice and informative presentation.
after that Inderpreet started a workshop on “how to increase your typing speed”.It was a very help full workshop for me now i can use my all fingers for typing. After that workshop i found that my typing speed is 37 words per minute. 🙂

At last today my diary is upto date and from now onwards I will write my daily diary regularly.


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  1. Is it hard to create a patch?

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