9 July 2013

Today when I reached a TCC there was some  internet connection problem. so I went to CC lab and started working on my task. As my today task is to post the patch on source forge list and Edit a model of water-tank and convert it in to .stl format
So to complete that task firstly I created an account on source forge and then posted my simple patch and after that small work I was started working on my next task which is to edit the water tank model and convert it in to .stl format.
Firstly when I open the watertank project in brlcad and execute a command ” e watertank.r ” in command window to draw a watertank model in graphics window then it shows a 7 warnings that
” db_lookup (stirrupSteelBarCombination.c) faild in /watertank.r/foundationColumn* ”
which is quit confusing but I’m keep on trying and reading some documentations and reading some mail in mailing list regarding this but no result found but some interesting thing I found that are related to my project.
After lunch we had 4 presentations.
Kamal gave on PostgreSQL
Prabhdeep on Apache server
Deepak on latex and And the last presentation was by Inderpreet on UI. He told us about the designers, back-end developers and the front-end developers with what their roles are and how they are inter-related. Basically he explained the need of the front-end development.
At the end we saw a 35 min 3 idiots movie edited by harjot kaur. the editing was really very good

So at the end of a day I’m still struggling in to find the reason of that warnings.


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