19 July 2013

Today the day starting with very interesting way because today I win the running race from my father 🙂 After 5 years now I’m a winner 🙂 and now I realize the meaning of these words:
There is nothing in this life that can destroy you but yourself.
           Bad things happen to everyone, but when they do, you can’t just fall apart and die.
                     You have to fight back. If you don’t, you’re the one who loses in the end.
                                    But if you do keep going and fight back, you win. 

After that a normal work as my today’s work is to improve wBRLCAD project so basically I was trying two thing that firstly I will give the option to user that they can download a .g file or .stl file and second is that if user not know the meaning of any parameter then there should be a help option where user can get some basic knowledge of that parameter.
So firstly I was uploaded that project on experimental and then try some basic operation on it and then show it to my mentor.
So at last I’m happy today 🙂

Thought of a day

Sometimes not getting what you want is a brilliant stroke of luck 🙂


About Talwinder

Believe in god and hardwork

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