Feasibility Study

After gathering the client requirement the next step is to make analyze of the client’s requirement. In this phase development team has to make communication with customers and make analysis of their requirement and test with respect to system. By making analysis this way it would be possible to make a report of identified area of problem.

Important Aspect
Important aspects of feasibility study are as follows
Preliminary work done: before handling this project I had study analyses & testing in previous semester and after that I had studied system specific testing in Hewitt. There is special training was given to us.
Resources available (RA):  All the resources like, proper platform, well designed test plan from the configuration side.
Confidence Factor (CF):   I did proper utilization of tools and well performed on platform namely 360 ASP Tool, AQT.
Capability Index (CI):  Sometimes the available resources that are tools & platform are not able to find appropriate participant or test cases according to the test plan because at that time no such participant exist in database. At that time we modified the participant according to the test plan and check the result.
Relative Significance Factor (RSF): This type of technology is useful for all those industries which provide services like services industry.
Relative Importance Factor (RIF): We are using some tools that are proprietary tools of Hewitt, are designed according to the client requirement. So the performances are very high and according to expectation.
System Integration factor (SIF):  Integration & regression testing is our responsibility and main phase into system development because without integration & regression testing we are not able to confirm that previous process like configuration and unit testing are well  done or not.
Inadequacy parameter (IP): The word inadequacy means insufficiency, lack or shortfall. For a technology.
The satisfactory completion of a project requires:
–    Resources Available (RA) :   High
–    Capability Index (CI) : High
–    Confidence Factor (CF):  High


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