The Inbound Feed contains the employee data which is loaded into the system . Client is responsible to send us the data of all the employees in a particular format which is specified. Based on the data provided by client once the inbound feeds are loaded these data can be accessed in the application.
Inbound interfaces are used to load data into 360.Data is used for plan assignment .Data is used for claim assignment. Data is used for payment calculation. This data is also be used to aide in sending correspondence to the employee and employer
The HRIS Inbound contains employee level information .The Hours file contains employee hours worked and holiday/sick time. The Earnings file contains specific payment records for employees. He Pay Calendar contains the clients pay calendar by pay group. The LOA Historical Usage file contains employee level historical usage data. The Workers Compensation and Disability files hold third party data that can be used for reporting.
Each file loaded uses the same adapter for the load. This adapter is constantly running on our interface server. Whenever a new file is placed on the server, the adapter picks the file up and begins the process.If the adapter finds multiple files on the server, the oldest file will be loaded first.


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