Case Intake Process


The Case Intake Module is to efficiently gather all required and relevant information from the employee in order to process his/her claim event.

Case Intake process involves the following steps –

Step 1:- Basic Information – Request Details

Obtain request details from the caller –

Source of Request – Based on the source of request, the other fields would populate. If the source of request is other than employee, then the system would ask for source’s contact details

Reason for Request – Continuous / Intermittent

Last Day Worked

First date absence from work

Expected or Actual Full Duty Return to Work – This field is displayed only when the l eave type is an intermittent leave.

Step 2: Employee Information

Verify/validate employee indicative data that may be relevant to his/her leave of absence event.

Confirm employee demographic, eligibility and employment information.

Make changes as advised by the caller on the right hand side column of this step.

Step 3 – Leave Details Entry

Leave Details page will display different fields based upon the selection of the Request (Event) from the Intake Launch page.

For Every Leave reason, there are specific set of Questions.

Step 4 – Confirmation Page

This page is to reconfirm information to employees for validation.

This is just the read only version of all the editable pages in the previous steps of the case intake process and user can still change any information if wrongly entered.

Step 5 – Receipt Page

This page is the last page in the claim intake process and displays the key information related to claim just submitted by the intake specialist and set of script(s) that the intake manager needs to read to the user.

This page shows the claims that are assigned to user and also displays the unique case number created.

There are two key actions which will lead the user to the receipt page. Confirming the intake claim and exiting the intake claim without completing the intake claim (cancel Intake Case).


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